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How I became a blogger

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by Tiago

You know what they say about dogs - we want a job to do!

Ever since I was a young pup, mom and dad have encouraged me to get involved in various activities (puppy school, running at the dog park, meeting new people, eating different types of fruits and veggies, ...). Now that I am reaching maturity, I thought it was time to start planning my career path!

Mom says I can be anything! I just have to figure out what it is I'm good at. Well, I am absolutely dashing (hehe - pun TOTALLY intended), and people are constantly stopping me for photos. Everyone seems to think I'm really funny too! So many people can't help but giggle when they see me walk by. I could easily be a celebrity dachshund! ...but I think that role is already filled.

So, I've decided to explore some unconventional careers.

I looked around and saw that mom likes to paint. I thought I could become the next Picasso (he had a dachshund, didn't you know!). But after seeing that first shot, mom got worried I would hurt my spine. I had to pass and look for something else.

Becoming a Formula 1 driver is a dream of mine. Its serious business, but I do have the required swag and I'm very competitive. However, I also like to sleep during car rides and I can barely see anything out of those windows ...not to mention my short legs don't get anywhere near the pedals.

What was I going to do?

I once heard a saying that goes something along the lines of: dogs who can't do, bark write about it. I will be a writer! I can go out on adventures for inspiration and then chill on the sofa while I entertain you with my tales. That is PAW-FECT!

See you next time!

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