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Kawaii: Increase your productivity with this one simple trick!

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by Tiago

Seriously, who can resist those puppy dog eyes. Don’t you just want to stare at me all day? close up picture of red dachshund Well don’t hold back! A Japanese research team studied the power of cuteness and its effects. The study shows that looking at pictures of cute animals can help improve your work performance and concentration.

The Japanese concept of “kawaii” can be translated as “cuteness”, but more precisely it is that feeling of "awwwwe!" when you see a super cute young animal or baby. Kawaii is very popular in Japanese culture. This phenomenon of cute and childlike imagery is thought to have originated as an escape from the harshness and seriousness of post world war II Japan.

So whenever you are stuck at work or at home with a task that brings you no joy or when the seriousness of adulthood seems too much to handle, know that you can count on me to help you find the motivation to overcome it all! Go ahead and browse my gallery all you want.

You're welcome!

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