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Ramping up to the Couch

Tiago's Tales
by Tiago

Mom and dad had some silly rules in place when I arrived home. One of them was "no dogs on the couch". They thought it would be easy to enforce given my small stature. Ha! They wish!

Don't let my short legs fool you. I can be very stubborn and persistent, and will always rise to the challenge! When I set my mind to something, nothing will distract me from it (hmm except some tasty food! There's always time for a quick snack).

After only a few failed attempts, I found my way up with a nice running jump. And no matter how many times they put me back down and tell me 'no', I would jump right back up. I needed to be up there to cuddle with them! Didn't they understand that? Check out these cuddle skills:

Now the biggest issue was how to get back down on my own... don't get me wrong, I'm a fearless dachshund and I love to jump! (as you just saw), but I also know that jumping down from high places can be hard on my back.

So how was I to be on the couch without the triple Salchow sausage jump portion of my performance? Lucky for me, some people around here are handy with tools and plywood! They went ahead and built me my very own couch ramp! building a ramp for tiago Not only can this ramp be folded up and stored away under the couch when I need some extra running space, it can also be adjusted to different heights! That's right, the 'no dogs on the bed rule' crumbled shortly after.

I closely supervised the making of the cover. It had to be perfect. cutting some fabric for the ramp cover VoilĂ ! Since the ramp has become part of our life I have been a good boy, using it (almost) always when climbing down off the couch. But I'll always use it to come say hello!

dachshund playing on the couch
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