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Tiago's Birthday Surprise

Tiago's Tales
by Josh

Tiago has been with us for about 8 months now, and today he turns one years old. Thank you Tiago for bringing this family so much joy and energy! We brought some of his neighborhood friends together for a photoshoot celebration! Five dogs celebrating a birthday Unfortunately today we also had to bring Tiago to the vet.

It started a few days ago at the dog park where Tiago was running around having fun on his own like he does, when we noticed that he kept licking his paw.

On closer inspection, it was apparent that he must have stepped on something sharp and it dug deep into his paw right against one of his claws. It was bleeding and looked quite painful.

We visited the vet that day and they cleaned up his wound and gave us some pain meds. We thought that with some rest he'd be back to normal within a few days.

A few days later, on his birthday no less, his claw is now dangling very loosely and it is painful to walk on. We're bringing him back to the vet to have the claw safely and cleanly removed. A dog's broken claw We all wish you a quick recovery puppy!

Update: The vet froze the toe and then removed the claw.

Tiago is now back home and is already back to his normal crazy self! We have to stop him from running around though so it doesn't start bleeding. A quiet night watching Netflix is in order. dog's claw removed Tiago is ordered to rest. Dog resting on couch

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