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Privacy Policy

We at PetitRouquin take your privacy seriously.No personally identifiable information is collected and we do not allow third party advertisers to collect any of your information while you browse our site. Any data we do collect will not be shared or sold to third-parties. All connections to PetitRouquin are TLS encrypted for your privacy and security. The following lists what data we do collect and how it is used.

Page requests and IP address

These are used to log the flow of traffic across the site. The logs are then used to optimize the site and improve user experiences, and determine page views.

Name and email

If you opt-in for subscription updates, we collect this information to provide the subscription service. If you leave a comment on an article, we collect this information to help fight spammers. You may additionally opt-in to have replies to your comments emailed to you along with the subscription service updates.

Cookie Policy

The Facebook Comments pluging uses cookies to provide commenting functionality:

Embeded Youtube videos will store cookies for Google's use:

PetitRouquin does not use web cookies.

We do use a similar technology called LocalStorage which allows us to save a small amount of information in your browser. We do this to provide a better user experience, such as remembering which articles you have viewed and liked. It is also used to streamline the commenting process by remembering your name and email from previous comments. This data is NOT shared with or saved on our website and is not accessible to third-parties. You're able to delete all LocalStorage data at any time.

Advertising Policy

We currently do not allow any third party advertisers to determine ad content or collect any information from you, our guests.

Affiliate Policy

We do provide affiliate links to select products and services provided by third parties. Commissions from affiliates help cover the costs of running this website at no cost to you!

Donation Policy

We do accept donations which are exclusively used to cover the costs of running this website and providing quality content. Your support allows us to run ad free. No ads means we can prevent third party tracking and wasted bandwidth. This makes for a faster and more secure user experience, especially on mobile devices.

Newsletter Policy

If you subscribe to updates, you can expect newsletters to be sent out at maximum once per week, and only if new content has been posted. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.


Unless otherwise noted, all articles, images, logos, and other content on this site are properties of Do not reproduce or sell any part of this site or its contents. You are welcome to link to this site and its articles. When you quote or link to this site, please include the name "PetitRouquin" in your link. If you would like to use photos or other content from this site, please contact us. Full resolution photographs without branding may be available. In all cases, proper credit must be given.


The authors on this site are not professional trainers, vets, or experts. We are simply dedicated dog owners providing our opinions and experiences. Never use information from this site in place of critical information obtained by a professional trainer, vet, or dog expert.
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